M w S Leads Us Back To Eden With Style

by Marcus Adetola

13th April, 2020

M w S leads us back to Eden with style. When the Italian duo makes music, they do it distinctively with style. And Eden is no exception, with sumptuous sounds and melody accosting you from the onset. Giulia’s silky smooth vocals interlaced with the guitar lines create real-life poetry.

“Everyone has their own Eden, a safe place where they can find balance, being comfortable with themselves.
In this difficult time, this song is an invitation to find what that means and hold on to it to get through it.” – 
M w S

M w S had to cancel their London shows and a US tour due to COVID-19, but they are still hoping to inspire and encourage hope through their music:

“The music industry will suffer a lot due to the emergency but, even though we had to cancel all live performances, we want to keep sharing our music, hoping that it could offer some comfort and give strength through these difficult times.”

The music video shows the duo on a deserted beach at dusk. It conjures many creative thoughts and ideas and reflects the dreaminess of the song. With so much dark in the world, M w S releases so much light through their art.

Everyone has their own Eden. What’s yours?

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