Luxuriate In The Warmth Of Audira’s Juana

by Lucy Lerner

30th April, 2020

Luxuriate in the warmth of Audira’s new single Juana. It’s a rich, vibrant Dancehall/Afrobeat fusion with a pulsing bass and lush harmonies.

Audiralikes to experiment with sounds. His 2018 EP consisted mainly of pop music but he knew he had to return to his original love of Dancehall and Afrobeat “because its all natural to me“. The Nigerian artist incorporates his heritage and travels into his music to create an interesting sound that’s all his.

Juana displays a soulful sound as Audira croons his appreciation for “Juana”.

And do you know that you’re the one?
It’s cos of you that I sing this song,
And you do you know that you’re the sun?
We all need you in this world

Dancehall synth pads get those hips swinging and the sumptuous melody lasts long after the dancing has finished.

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