Lucy Neville Is Getting Caught Up Being ‘Shameless’

by Lucy Lerner

1th June, 2018

‘Shameless’ is the impossibly dreamy and seductive new single from young singer-songwriter Lucy Neville. ‘Shameless’ displays lush ambient compositions, liquid vocals and melancholic lyrics which explore themes of fame and success and lure the listener in:

“What do I have to do, to get your attention, what do I have to say, to earn your affection, and I’m tongue-tied trying to voice my intention, what do I have to do, have to do?”

“They only went you when you’re famous, you only call me when you’re lonely, I’m getting caught up being shameless, why all these people say they know me?”

The song is relatable to this day and age of “instafame” and how far people will you go for a taste of the limelight. Lucy always keeps in tune with what is fresh and appealing, not just lyrically, but production wise.

The new single follows ‘Ransom’ and last year’s breakout single ‘Fall At Your Feet’. Lucy keeps pushing those ambient electro-pop buttons and continues to be one of Australia’s most exciting rising stars.

Along with the release of ‘Shameless’ out today, Lucy is also preparing for her first live show in Sydney so watch this space for more news on that.

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