Sal The MusicianIntroducing Sal The Musician who releases his contemplative debut single ‘Low’. Sal has an interesting story – he dropped out of university recently to pursue his dream of a career in music. He boarded a plane to Ireland without telling any of his family and friends and after four months of hard work and occasionally finding himself homeless, he released ‘Low.’

The single is hard-hitting in nature about depression and feeling suicidal and is ambiguous lyrically, “I think I’m gonna go…when I hit the next new low“. However, with the pop hook, and rock, and electronic elements it doesn’t feel full of pain and despair, but instead thought-provoking and even hopeful.

It’s interesting to see which way Sal the Musican will go with his following releases as he describes ‘Low’ as “singer-songwriter rock, so think David Bowie mixed with indie-rock band Moon Taxi“. However, to quote this exciting rising artist and risk-taker, “music is music, it shouldn’t be put into a box”.

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