Love Ghost is an exceptional band who has dropped edgy track I’ll be “fine” which masterfully fuses trap with alt-rock music production. It also reminds us of the “chorus” and “delay” effected, electric guitar riffs of Metal bands such as Metallica.

The sinister chord progression, which is almost reminiscent of the ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’ era of Marilyn Manson’s controversial and gothic career. Lead singer Finnegan Bell’s memorable vocal tone takes us back to nostalgic, singers such as Mark Greaney of JJ72 which, along with its dark, distortion effects, ensures that this song remains within its Metal-influenced territory.

I broke everything I felt close to
If only you knew all the torment I been through I been flexin’ on em all
I don’t care what they said about me
I’ll be “fine” (i’m so alone)
Yeah, I’ll be “fine” (i’ve turned to stone) I’ll be “fine” (feel disowned)

With Bell’s husky voice, it’s as though Mike Posner suddenly decided to delve into the industrial rock genre. Especially when the chorus drops and chills are sent down your spine from embracing closed, overdrive-effected, rhythm guitars performing the minor chord structure, as though the devil has been finally unleashed.

I’ll be “fine” represents the darker side of depression and anxiety and is well suited to the dark time which many are experiencing at present due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. This notion of darkness is cleverly contradicted by the slight glimmer of hope in Love Ghost’s lyrics, hence the title I’ll be “fine”.

I’ll be “fine” is the ideal “isolation” song for those who wish to hear something therapeutic, in terms of its social and political context.