Lost In A Daydream – Jolé Releases His Tranquil New Single ‘Seldom Seen’

by Darrell Smith

30th January, 2019

Photo by Doug Elliot

With wistfully enticing guitars enveloping the aural spectacle of this beautiful track, London based Jolé has succeeded to produce something magical and intoxicating. It holds a simple and brutal honesty, in the same fashion as my favourite EP of last year, “Purple Road” by Fergus.

This song has a certain character about it. A fluidity, and whilst being ephemeral, and leaving the listener yearning for more, it only makes the track more mystical.

The seductive style of guitar playing adds so much to this beautiful song, both intricate and simple at the same time, and intrinsic to the lyrics and the message sung by Jolé.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the songwriting on display here, of the quality of the storytelling layered amongst the instrumentation. There is a precision here, and prowess of which is seldom seen.

When the bass starts, adding a certain amount of controlled power to the backdrop, reminiscent of a heartbeat, “Seldom Seen” manages to evolve into something else, something with necessity about it, and compliments the anxiety of the deep uncertainty filled honest lyrics.

The bass line works incredibly well with the rest of the instrumentation, truly aiding the guitar and vocals, and never overpowers the track.

On the track Jolé explains, “Seldom Seen is written about getting lost in thought, daydreaming to get away from the busyness of everyday life. It’s about taking yourself away to a moment of serenity where you can be quiet for a while and to wonder whether it’s possible to always be in this state of mind.

This track remarkably feels like a daydream. Like a fleeting thought whilst gazing at a busy street as people go about their lives. It is a delicate and thought-provoking song, technically astounding and gorgeously produced. The harmonized vocals aid the dreamlike tone exquisitely while the fragile piano elements hide amongst the mix, adding dimension and even greater depth.

In a world where people are stressed with their mundane lives and looking for an escape from their difficulties, be it an unhappy relationship, overdue bills or a job that is going nowhere, this track is remarkably relatable, something Jolé should be proud to have created.

He writes music in a way that is necessary, and actually helpful when listened to.

On multiple listens, the layered production shines through, and subtle hidden nuances can be discovered, adding even more incentives to re-listen.

Jolé is the moniker for songwriter Josh Oliver, who after spending five years in Brighton playing in various touring bands, now resides permanently in London. Through this solo project, Josh taps into the music he grew up with – a mixture of Van Morrison, The Beach Boys, and Coldplay, resulting in his heartfelt, soothing and joyful sound.

Previously lauded by the likes of Wonderland for his “masterful skills in crafting gorgeous acoustic songs“, Where The Music Meets for his music’s “echoes calm and security” and Aupium for who sum up Jolé’s sound as “soft, dream pop that has been trimmed with gleaming guitar strings, that yield a buoyant sunset-like euphoria.

It is clear with “Seldom Seen” Why Jolé is held in such high acclaim.

Stream “Seldom Seen

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