Lo Lind’s Origami Is A Collection Of Eclectic Sounds

by Marcus Adetola

31st March, 2020

Lo Lind’s Origami is a collection of eclectic sounds that are so infectious. The light synths and beats mixed with Lo’s quirky vocals conjure an irresistible melodic tempo that sizzles its way into your system. Taking control of your movements, you cannot help but bop to it. There’s a vibrancy to the way this artist/producer has fused different genres. It’s scintillating and unique which sets it miles apart from the regular.

Origami is the first single released in 2020 by Lo Lind, and she plans to release more later this year. She has upcoming cuts with Lizzo, Bryce Vine, and Big Freedia and will be announcing her first label affiliated project this summer.

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