The bop maestro Lo Lind is back, and she has graced us with Fake Friends. Another stunning anthemic track with a bop. With Lo, it’s an art that comes easy. And, on Fake Friends she has exceedingly captured elements that make an exciting and relatable pop track. The appealing lyrics and catchy chorus wrap around the upbeat instrumentals perfectly. Her infectious quirky flow is constant and evident on the track. It gives her that idiosyncratic element that sets her apart from the rest. Well, that’s one of the things that make her stand out, there is a lot more to her repertoire.

The song says it how it is and I’m sure some of us can relate. It’s about friends you know are not particularly nice, but sometimes you have a few drinks, have a good time and forget all the shi*ty things they have said and done.

One sip of the Malibu rum, forget everything that you done
Goddam man, I think you’re so fun

As this song is so catchy, it’s easy to imagine colourful visuals. Fortunately, Lo Lind is releasing a music video for Fake Friends later this month and I’m sure it won’t disappoint.