LMH Just Wants To Let You Go

For a moment the first few seconds of LMH’s Let You Go reminds you of Madonna’s Like a Prayer but then it changes tempo to a lustful soul-pop track. Filled with fire, LMH sings of a relationship that sizzles with sexual tension and release that makes you keep going back for more. You soon realise you have to let the relationship go once and for all as it’s no good for you.

I feel your breath on my neck
Tangled up in my legs
You used to be all that I need
Funny how things change you know
You used to get me high
Now you bring me low

Singer-songwriter LMH wrote Let You Go was co-written in her garage with Sam Woodbury and Produced by David Daniel Diaz and Adam Amezaga.

“We’ve all had one. The one you go back to when you now you shouldn’t. The one you know isn’t right for you but you can’t get your mind or body off of them. This song is intended the moment where it’s time to let go. I’ve always thought of it as a funeral for lust.” – LMH

LMH’s expressive vocals really stand out in Let You Go. The single follows LMH’s sweetly innocent alt-pop release Enough which shows a different side to the talented artist.

So give me one last kiss