Lazy Sunday Is The Perfect Summer Chillout Song From Nathaniel Paul

by Terry Guy

22nd June, 2021

Nathaniel Paul’s new single Lazy Sunday is a piece of Easy Listening music for you to chill to this summer. Despite its overall laid back and melancholic vibe, the supporting synths which drop in the verse sections bring about an uplifting edge. And the delay and reverb effects on the electric guitar riffs remind us of the Rockabilly style of Chris Isaak and the current, Alt Rock production of The XX every time they are effortlessly performed. However, it’s the soothing, chatty, soft vocals of Nathaniel Paul which sends the listener into a meditative state.

“When life is changing at an unprecedented pace, it’s time to take a Lazy Sunday.” – Nathaniel Paul

Lazy Sunday is a chillout ballad that fuses Roots Rock-style guitar leads with ambient music and will be a notable track to add to all Indie Pop playlists this Summer. Due to such masterful experimentation, Nathaniel Paul is without a doubt a unique artist.

Nathaniel Paul’s debut album Learning to Listen is highly recommended by Neon Music and is out now.

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