Premiere: Nathaniel Paul Has A Choice To Make In Guns or Crosses

by Lucy Lerner

25th February, 2021

Making music appears effortless to Nathaniel Paul as he hones every aspect of his craft. With rich storytelling and a message to relay to his listeners his music is life-affirming. His previous three releases feature distinctive floaty vocals and uplifting instrumentals encapsulated in a somewhat dreamy sound. 

New single Guns or Crosses feels familiar and comforting with its choice of instruments and rhythm. An interesting subject matter came about when a family member mentioned it was time to purchase a weapon, and Nathaniel responded with the question, “Would you rather die with a gun in your hand or a cross?”

The song is about the choices we make in life and in this regard we can learn to love and embrace one and other or we can prepare to fight. Nathaniel says, “This track began as a poem written as a response to the steady decline in the common ground amongst Americans.The video takes a look at a group of people working together to paint a “Black Lives Matter” mural on a public street.

“The video really encapsulates freedom of thought and speech. It is good to remember that when we work together with common causes, that can lead to positive results.”

The visuals show people working together in harmony to create something positive. Along with the sweet, sunny melody, and whimsical indie feel Guns or Crosses is turned into an uplifting song rather than the darker project it could have been. The song feels warm, humble and therapeutic. When it finishes rather abruptly you find yourself craving more from Nathaniel Paul. More of his poetry, his narratives, more of his music.

Nathaniel Paul is set to release a full-length album on March 24th via AWAL.

Guns or Crosses it out now.

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