Leave everything behind and sink into a dreamworld with Laura Gagné’s I Love You Friend. Laura’s smokey vocals are carried along by the rippling and undulating keyboard along with interesting sound effects. 

In her new single, the Montreal-based singer-songwriter is saying goodbye to a complex relationship filled with friendship and love, “I’m still walking away before I fall apart.” In less than two and a half minutes  Laura Gagné draws so much emotion with the combination of vocals, vulnerable tone, mournful instrumentals and lyrics. It is the kind of song you imagine would be playing in the background in your own life if you were going through a similar situation. 

I’m sorry dear, I took your hand, your heart again
This circle in my head
I love you back more than a friend

The moody visuals match the tone and water-like effect perfectly. As Laure sings, “and I walk away” the instrumentals build to a crescendo representing freedom, then they suddenly stop and you are left bereft, wanting more. 

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