Kyan Palmer x Nicopop.’s ‘Unofficial Lover (RAMPANT Remix)’ Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

by Blessing Borode

22nd February, 2019

The combination of Kyan Palmer and producer nicopop. provide the long-awaited breath of fresh air to the pop scene. With bittersweet lyrics delivered by smooth R&B vocals, there’s no better way to shake off the winter blues with this upbeat track. The instrumentation behind all of Palmer’s work never dims the light of his heartfelt lyrics, in this case expressing the disbelief of not having the girl he desires.

Palmer instantly excites his listeners as he varies his melodic phrasing, right until the anthemic chorus where the rhythm kicks in. His vocals remain effortless and he is someone that delivers top quality music. For the remix, the LA-based songwriting duo poached Arizona-based DJ duo RAMPANT to put their signature trap and future bass touch on the soulful RnB soaked single.

Kyan Palmer & nicopop. are gearing up to release the second single off their upcoming collaborative EP which is fortunate because once you’ve heard this track, you’ll be left all ears, waiting for more.

Their new single will be released on March 7th.

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