Kimberly Nichole Is Not The Kind Of Artist To Be Put In A Box

by Lewis McNair

27th January, 2020

This independent artist’s star continues to keep to trend and rise and 2020 will be the year that this accomplished music industry consummate remerges as the industry boss she was born to be. ​

From the Settle Washington’s underground music scene to Spelman graduate, to muse to the greats of both the music and fashion elite, and then taking New York City and London town by storm; Kimberly Nichole Johnson has had one hell of a journey in this business. ​

A true representation of an independent artist – after a wildly popular stint on a reality singing TV show in the US, (the less said about that and the effect’s reality TV can have on an artist’s spirit the better), Kim went on to rise from the ashes of the pop music wood chip machine and was crowd head “Mistress of Madness” at the iconic private members club The Box in New York City – she then went on to travel the world. ​

Everyone from Steven Tyler, Jude Law, Jay Z & Beyoncé, Usher, and Leonardo DiCaprio have come to watch her perform over the years. KN was classically trained, writing songs and playing the clarinet before her teenage years – all evidence of how this is an artist that has dedicated a whole lifetime’s worth of work and dedication to her craft. It is now time for her to be accepted by the wider industry for what she truly is – a true star in every sense of the word.​

Having previously been described by Billboard as a “superhero hybrid of Aretha Franklin’s vocals with Bono’s stage presence” 2020 marks the 10-year celebration of KN’s debut album ‘The Yellow Brick Journey’, a project she wrote every single word of herself and self-financed. ​

This artist is on the brink, and perfectly capable of writing the next biggest selling global record – if given the opportunity and space to execute it. The industry should sit up and take note, Kimberly Nichole is proof if you knock on the door long and hard enough, they will answer. It is time for this artist to be fully illuminated to the industry as a whole. ​

Kimberly Nichole’s latest single ‘The Witch’ is out now. ​

You can catch her singing in residence at The Box Soho in London – good luck to the common man getting through the door though, only people serious about art need attempt entry.

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