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Let The Music Play – COVID-19 And The Damage To The Live Music Industry

Sun Jul 05 2020

Just like many other industries, COVID-19 has caused devastating damage to the live music industry. With many of us planning our summers around various festivals, desperate to see the latest act we had discovered or see someone we had worshiped for as long as we can remember we were suddenly diverged and headed on a […]

Kimberly Nichole Is Not The Kind Of Artist To Be Put In A Box

Mon Jan 27 2020

This independent artist’s star continues to keep to trend and rise and 2020 will be the year that this accomplished music industry consummate remerges as the industry boss she was born to be. ​ ​From the Settle Washington’s underground music scene to Spelman graduate, to muse to the greats of both the music and fashion […]

BBC INTRODUCING AMPLIFY 2019: The Music Industry Flocks To Tobacco Docks

Fri Nov 08 2019

BBC Introducing Amplify proved once again that the British industry is stock full of the biggest rising talent and industry heads but also that the experts can tell you how and why it is within an arms reach.  This year the three-day conference was held at London’s Tobacco Dock, a historic stone-built building with ornamented […]

Sex & Desire In Lucy Whittaker’s Dancefloor Hit ‘Touch’

Wed Jul 31 2019

​“Touch is about sex, and unapologetically so” As the statistics confirm from a recent study, only 2.1% of songwriters within the music industry are female, only 17% of solo artists are female and out of that only 10.4% were nominated for a Grammy between 2013 and 2019. Pretty messed up when you think of the […]

Why We Need Potentiam In The Music Industry

Sat Sep 16 2017

The music industry is currently in need of a fresh injection, and a much-needed overhaul. The industry currently takes 86% of artist’s takings. Music creatives often find themselves ignored by Media conglomerates, lacking that exposure and funding to help propel the avenue to gain them recognition for their art. The music industry is in need […]

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