KILLJThe unique Kill J has been releasing some fantastic singles ahead of her visionary debut album ‘Superposition’, set for release on 14th June. Following ‘Silver Spoon‘, she has released ‘Addicted’ in recent weeks and now the brand new ‘Moon Sick’ out now via Nettwerk Records.

It’s hazy dream-pop which shimmers like the galaxy and Kill J’s glacial vocals transcend time and space.

Discussing her influences for ‘Moon Sick’ Kill J explains: “I was inspired by the multiverse theory within quantum mechanics. There as many universes as there are choices, for every choice we make, there is a corresponding world. Somewhere there is a universe, where I´m not an idiot and I am in a perfect relationship.

The future of Scandinavian pop” singer-songwriter and producer has steadily been releasing singles and EPs over the years, some of which have gone straight to No.1 spot on the Hype Machine ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Twitter’ charts.

Kill J’s debut album ‘Superposition’ discusses the world of particle physics and scientific discoveries. Kill J says, “I visited CERN -The European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, in preparation for this album. It was a mind-blowing experience and I got so much inspiration”. And her final comment on the world we live in, “because in the end, only science will save us.

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