JungleboiUnorthodox producer Jungleboi follows up the mesmerising ‘Light Beam’ featuring Aalok Bala with new single ‘Sinner’s Suicide’ which features hypnotising vocals from Dom McAllister. This blend of dark Pop and R&B is dark yet soulful, with lyrics that reflect the dark tones binding the song together perfectly. I personally like the chorus, I believe it gracefully lifts the track up, removing the somewhat heavy feeling of the first verse and lightens the mood for the darker upcoming verse.

Producer, songwriter and DJ, Jungleboi splits his time between London and LA and has collaborated with artists including Will.i.am, Labrinth, Arrow Benjamin, Lily Allen, and Arlissa. ‘Sinner’s Suicide’ is a strong representation of what is to come later this year. Hitmakers Jungleboi and Dom McAllister have drawn us in and hopefully, we will hear more from them soon.

Stream ‘Sinner’s Suicide‘.