Joe Connor
Joe Connor Little

‘Always’ was written at the start, and is I think a candid and honest depiction of how I felt at the time; tender, warm and starry-eyed.”

Joe Connor Little takes us on a journey through the complex emotions of newly-found love that rushes through our body and changes our view on life. The raw, authentic perception of the modern-day love affair is enhanced by the minimalist approach that creates an intimacy that I haven’t come across in a while between the artist and the listener.

Talking about the production of ‘Always’ Little explains: “I wanted to create a sound that echoed that tenderness with an intimacy that put as little space as possible between the listener and myself. For that reason, I limited the use of instruments, effects or harmonies, and dispelled percussion entirely – bar the shaker in the choruses.

‘Always’ is accompanied by two b-sides, ‘Moving Away’ and ‘Closing Time’, which further expands the London-based songwriter’s real-to-life romantic narrative.

Whilst listening to ‘Always’ you can’t help but come across an overwhelming feeling of will it last, thus providing an underlying tone of sadness knowing that all good things must come to an end.

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