Jae Luna Ponders The Complexities Of Life In Mud

by Lucy Lerner

4th June, 2020

Jae Luna ponders the complexities of life through his latest single Mud. It is a blissful slice of reverb guitar-driven alt-R&B with a hip-hop / trap beat and soulful vocals.

Mud is about a relationship that had to end as the protagonist became an adult and had to deal with all the complications and confusion that can bring. “It’s a song about bad timing, and mismatching with someone because of uncontrollable circumstances,” says Jae Luna.

Miss you calling me baby
It’s been some seasons since we spoke
And I’ve been feeding self-hatred
I’m hiding pain behind my jokes

The visuals perfectly match the mood despite not being the original idea. Due to COVID-19 and lockdown, the shoot plans were cancelled so Luna’s manager flew to LA to shoot the video. The empty, winding roads reflect Luna’s state of mind and mood. Beautiful scenery doesn’t hurt either. Somehow the simplicity of the music video brings the meaning, instrumentals, and beat even more to life.

Jae Luna is an interesting artist who blends genres with ease. He was classically trained vocally and in the piano. He pours his heart, soul, and personal pain and vulnerability into his music.

And my body won’t budge, budge, budge
Like I’m walking through mud, mud, mud
We were so young, young, young
Time wasn’t for us, us, us

Mud follows previous 2020 singles All Kinds of Things and Summmertime 2016 and we cannot wait for his forthcoming Summer EP release Phases.

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