Lydia EvangelineLydia Evangeline releases the very personal new song called ‘Down’ which has a dark-pop edge compared to her previous three releases. With swirling synths, pulsing percussion, and erratic notes you feel like you’re going down a black hole with her. Even Evangeline ‘s vocals feel desperate and the muted tones of the swimming pool themed visuals reflect the moodiness of the track.

I finally sucked the venom out
The poison in my veins has gone
Now I’m left trying to figure out
Just why the hell I stayed so long

Lydia Evangeline says the song is about, “being in a relationship you know you shouldn’t be in, but staying far, far too long. I knew this person was toxic, but getting away from them was easier said than done. I imagine that’s a pretty relatable story to a lot of people, it’s just about discovering how much you’re really worth and sticking to your guns.

Speaking about the video Evangeline comments”I wanted the visuals to reflect the metaphoric nature of the lyrics in the song – it’s a song about trying to escape from a bad relationship but always being sucked back in, a feeling I likened to drowning in the lyrics. I also wanted the surrounding scene to be an abandoned party- you’ll see champagne flutes, bunting, flamingo glasses and floats, all things that would trick you into thinking you were part of something good, something fun. But once they’re ruined and abandoned the scene is just left looking pretty sad and eerie.

Neon Music caught up with the Brighton-based singer-songwriter to find out more:

Tell me about your new single ‘Down’
I started the lyrics for ‘Down’ about three years ago actually – it’s been on a long old journey. I’d finally pulled myself away from a relationship that looking back just wasn’t great, but I wasn’t strong enough in myself to stay away. I kept being sucked back in and that’s primarily what the songs about. I liken the feeling of loss of control over your willpower to that of drowning and feeling like you’re struggling to resurface from the relationship that’s suffocating you and take a deep breath.

How would you describe your sound?
“Under Construction”

How much has your life changed since the release of your first release?
Haha not at all! I guess mentally I feel more confident calling myself an “artist” now that I have music out which is great. But yeah life is the same, I still write songs and play gigs in the week and pull pints at the weekend!

Who or what is inspiring you musically at the moment?
There’s a lot of female singer-songwriters KILLING. IT. at the moment. I’m loving Jade Bird, Fenne Lily, Sigrid etc. All phenomenal songwriters and vocalists, who are just being unashamedly themselves in everything they do – no bravado.

What movie or TV series would you love for ‘Down’ to be played in?
Are there any parameters? Cause I’d just say whichever blockbuster movie is gonna smash the box office and Oscar nominations this year haha!

3 words to describe yourself
Really bad at maths

Your favourite up and coming artist is?
Fenne Lily (I’ve said this in past interviews, worried I’m starting to look a liiiiiiittle bit like a stalker!)

Favourite venue to perform and why?
My dream venue is Brixton Academy. I went to so many shows there as a teenager, and always felt such an achy longing to be up on that stage – to play there one day would be what nostalgic dreams are made of.

How much time do you spend on social media per day?
Too much.

What’s next for Lydia Evangeline?
I’m really excited to release more stuff next year. I’ve got a bunch of songs ready to go and I’ll probably put them out as an EP. I’ve enjoyed doing singles but I really wanna put out a body of work that people can get their teeth into.

I’ve also spent this year developing my sound and who I am as a songwriter and I’ve come to the realisation that I’m just better at sadness, so watch out for a bucket load of melancholy next year!

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