‘How Will I Know’ Is An Exquisite Debut From Rocky

by Blessing Borode

11th November, 2019

Rocky is a Seoul-based singer, actress, poet and burlesque performer of Cameroonian descent who allows us a peek into her debut project with her new song ‘How Will I Know’.

Much like Whitney Houston, Rocky takes the time to explore questions about a new relationship using distinctive melodies carefully placed over the mellow hip hop instrumental. With a voice echoic of Amy Winehouse, Rocky owns a style that is truly unique in both her songwriting and easy-going melodic flow shown throughout the track.

Rocky breaks down the appropriate time to leave a situation that no longer serves you if you are the one constantly giving away too much of your energy to someone who may be unable to reciprocate it because of where they are in their personal journey. There is a sense of genuinity expressed through her songwriting as, despite this being a complex scenario that we sometimes find ourselves in, this song is a gentle plea for us to “cut off dead branches” and to accept nothing less than what we deserve in our relationships.

She brings the song to an end, repeating the line “I can’t forget my past” – leaving us with the notion that although some relationships may fail they also serve as a lesson if we choose to see it that way. Rocky is definitely one to keep an eye out for in the coming future.

Rocky is all set to release her debut EP in early 2020.

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