henryA dark and mysterious song with lingering lyrics is one way to describe henry’s debut single ‘Give My All To You’. Using his personal experiences of breakups and relationships, he has delivered a stripped back track that showcases his captivating and distinctive vocals in a fresh new way.

The 19-year-old British singer-songwriter is fairly new to the scene so what he lacks in familiarity with fans he more than makes up for with talent. ‘Give My All To You’ is a greatly emotional song which you can hear and feel whilst listening to the track. henry has a voice that draws you in and the track forces you to empathise with him as he takes us through his heartache. “I know I want you and you know you want me too” he sings about wanting to be in a relationship with a girl and knowing she feels the same, but they haven’t managed to figure out the details and are both uncertain of where they stand.

henry sings with such ease the complexity of the track can be overlooked. The first verse and chorus seemingly have a pop/rock influence setting the emotive tone of the song whereas, in the second, we are taken in a more trap/R&B direction. When the second pre-chorus comes along the melody seamlessly changes once again, now more of a reference to an orchestra you can faintly hear the sound of piano keys and even more subtle string instruments.

‘Give My All To You’ was written in Kenya along with the rest of henry’s upcoming EP where he spent time working at a school. With a few more musical drops lined up for this year he aims to tell his own story which reflects on the lives of ordinary teenagers. At just 19 henry has been able to showcase such immense talent but we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears to the ground in anticipation of his next drop.

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