‘GTFO’ Is A Mesmerizing Single From Cubbi Which Will Take You Deeper

by Grace Lovejoy

13th March, 2019

Following the release of his debut single ‘Rippling’, multitalented singer, songwriter and producer Cubbi continues to build momentum with the release of ‘GTFO’, an infectious tune that is musically and lyrically gripping.

It’s a fast-paced and exciting track filled with fresh indie-electric beats repeating throughout that complements Cubbi’s delicate yet assertive voice. Pair these two together and you’ve got one hell of an enticingly authentic sound.

However, Cubbi’s music goes deeper than the surface. Delving into personal and controversial topics, such as sexuality, drug abuse, and mental illness, Cubbi explores a raw and intimate look into life and the struggles that come with it. Having been very honest on the songwriting process, Cubbi explains that the first half of ‘GTFO’ was written during a dark period of his life where he was consumed by depression and battling drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, it wasn’t until he was recovering in rehab that he was able to finish the track. Knowing the darkness of the process behind the song makes it even more powerful to listen to.

Cubbi is an artist to watch out for, as his music offers more than just a catchy beat with poetic lyricism. The honesty and rawness that his tunes possess allow its listeners to connect with and relate to him as an artist, which may even create a place of refuge for some.

We are in a time where the power of music is increasing significantly and Cubbi is here to make his statement.

Cubbi will be releasing a 6-song EP later this Spring.

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