Gorgon City’s New Album Launch Party

by Montana Tallentire

11th September, 2018

Gorgon City’s launch party for their new 12-track album ‘Escape’ was located in Hackney at the upcoming hot spot Night Tales. The venue was the perfect location for the electronic duo’s new release with trains running overhead and multiple lights highlighting the bare brick walls. In addition to areas of eccentric, tropical décor draped across bars creating focal points that differed from the rest of the rustic scenery.

The evening began with the trance-like synths of the track ‘Kingdom’ which was the first time people were introduced to Gorgon City’s ‘Escape’. Artist Raphaellajoined the iconic duo on stage and gave an energetic performance which was well received enticing the audience into what they can expect next. In between songs the duo would take the time to reaffirm to the crowd that this was the first time playing a lot of these songs live. As well as expressing their gratitude for being in the position they are in showing their humbled nature and giving us a glimpse of the personalities behind hits such as ‘Ready for your love’. Previously released singles such as ‘Hear That’, ‘Real Life’ and the newly released ‘One Last Song’ got even the staff moving, forecasting how successful this album in which the duo describe as ‘fire’ could be.

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