Flawes Reunite With Number One

by Beth Shipley

24th July, 2020

Josh Carruthers (JC) of the British alternative/indie trio Flawes, certainly knows how to spin pain into an upbeat, smiley track. His thick, Dan Smith-sounding, strong voice carries the weight of pain throughout this bubbling new release. It’s fresh and catchy with emotional, powerful lyrics guiding the track.

“It’s ultimately a break up song, a look back at a failed relationship and reminiscing ‘what could have been’. It takes a different structural approach to normal which I love, it’s almost like 2 songs glued together. It’s going to be a fun one to play live.” – JC

Number One is part of a collection of three unheard bonus tracks which were recorded during the making of their debut album, Highlights. It’s a well-needed break: a reminder of a summery, happy-go-lucky feeling. The punch of tapping drums and hi-hat is welcomed, adding an unexpected, bouncy feel. This, along with the mysterious wobbly synth sounds that creep in at the beginning, giving you a feel for the song that could be compared to The 1975 or The XX, add a new depth of character.

Number One juxtaposes sad lyrics against a carefree background and it’s exciting. This cheery track has a wonderful disconnected feel to it; JC’s pain isn’t mirrored with the blooming bubbliness that grows with this lively number but that’s what makes it so great, it isn’t black and white. It’s emotional but fun, by the time the song finishes you’re moving around to it and it’s stuck in your head.

There are layers that need peeling back and sounds that need exploring and by the end of Number One you feel you’ve been on a journey with JC and Flawes.

Highlights is out now via Red Bull Records.

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