Escape the real world for a while and let music from Valeas drift over you. From Arizona’s expansive desert comes the controlled chaos that is Valeas and his latest EP ‘Vanish’. Mellow and pensive, it is an alluring mix of electro-pop and synth-R&B with wonderfully crafted melodies, poetic lyrics, and eloquent narratives. ‘Vanish’ is a fusion of textures and tones pulled from a sonic atmosphere.

From the dark pop wonder that is ‘Last Chance’ and the glitchy, multi-harmony infused electronic ‘Drift’, the dreamy ‘Right Here Right Now’ which incorporates a clever trap beat to the warm, ambient ‘Don’t Listen’. Every note is a digital drip of water fuelling your journey to the oasis.

Valeas writes and produces all of his own music and is part of the Arizona collective Atrypical. With more music on the way expect even more versatility from this astonishing talent.