MAKOThe multi-talented, experimental Chillout musician Mako is enhancing electronic soul with his cinematic track ‘Coyote,’ via its’ 4/4 up-tempo drum programming and smooth yet edgy, gravelly vocals and an overall fresh sound. Unusually, the instrumental, breakdown which drops after the second verse reminds me of the chilled, blissful sound of the famous William Orbit and Madonna collaboration from the Pop icon’s 1998 album ‘Ray Of Light,’ and when ‘Coyote’ opens with its’ multiple finger-picking on the electric, you think you will be taken on a rollercoaster Pop Rock ride. However, all these contradictions are what make Mako stand out from the mainstream Electro crowd, and if this introduction to his forthcoming second album is anything to go by, it’s fair to say that it is going to an interesting portfolio.

Let’s not forget to mention those high-pitched vocals which, when sung in head voice, send shivers down your spine and send you immediately into a meditative state during the main hook, as well as the unpredictable brass section performed during the track’s energetic outro.

We caught up with Mako (aka Alex Seaver) to find out more about ‘Coyote’ and what he’s up to next:

How would you describe your sound to new listeners?
Sorry, this is a great question and its always a word salad answer haha. I try to say that it’s a pretty even split of my entire background in music – Classical, Cinematic, Electronic, Pop, and Indie.

Tell me about your new single ‘Coyote’ and the accompanying music video
This was the first tune that really kickstarted my new record. I really wanted to develop a sound that was entirely specific to me…incomparable to other artists or genres. We were super fortunate to snag Micah Monkey to develop a music video for us, he helped me build the metaphorical world that the song illustrates.

How did you find the transition from a duo to a solo artist?
In certain aspects, it didn’t feel too different. I always made the music on my own for Mako since the beginning…but the big shift came in performing the material. I was in the middle of a big musical transition when Logan continued on, so there was definitely a ton of ‘learning on the go’ as I was adjusting to the project as a solo one.

Who were your musical influences while growing up?
I was a total classical music nerd. Sadly not in a fun cute way haha, in an “I don’t know anything other than classical music and this is sad.” My dudes were Mahler, Strauss, Debussy, Ravel. And actually, the biggest influences on me were the pretty cinematic pieces (Scheherazade, Alpine Symphony, and lots of movie music).

Walk me through your writing process – do you need to be in a particular place or mood?
That’s actually a pretty good question – I definitely feel like I work best when I’m in the mood of the music I’m writing. I’m pretty good at working in a lot of places but I do prefer being alone, it’s tough for me to flesh out ideas with other people listening.

Who or what is inspiring you musically at the moment?
Bonobo/Sampha/Radiohead/Moderat/Apparat/MJ Cole/Olafur Arnolds

Is there a particular message or theme in your music you would like to get across to listeners?
Ooh, interesting. You know, nothing entirely specific. I actually hope people take this stuff in exactly the way they need.

What are your highlights from the last year?
Definitely writing and performing Rise with my family at League Of Legends for their Worlds event in South Korea 🙂

Are you performing at any festivals this summer and are there dream festivals /venues/cities to play at?
Nothing currently, I’m just writing. I’m dying to do a European tour one year, gotta make that happen.

You come from a musical background – do you ever think you could have taken a different path within music or otherwise?
Absolutely (within music). Honestly, I’m not even exactly sure what I’m doing right now haha…or where I’d like to end up. Fun fact is that I’m totally incompetent at anything outside of music…I found my thing thank god.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I’m obsessed with comedy and get pretty committed to dicking around with the people around me if I’m not doing anything music related 🙂

Guilty pleasure?
Video games

What’s next for Mako?
Brand new record 🙂

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