Ellysse Mason’s new song is Something Good, an anthemic alt-pop song with dreamy tones that you just want to sink into. It relays particularly relatable themes of depression and feeling isolated, “don’t know if I wanna be alone“. Ellysse Mason sings it in such a way that it is a tonic to these feelings. Her music video filmed over 24 hours captures the more euphoric feelings such as playing her guitar, dancing around, and cooking.

And all my days feel the same,
And I’m running out of ways to surrender,
Cos everybody’s waiting for something,
And I can’t see a way to remember

Something Good gets better the more you listen to it. There are gorgeous 80’s flourishes amongst the smooth mellow melody and Ellysse’s expressive vocals.

“I found it difficult in isolation, just like everyone else. I like the outside and usually can’t stay in for longer than a day before I go mad. But it also forced this positive mindset onto me, because I’ve had to be. It’s like the world just stopped turning for a second, and it’s given me time to be creative. I managed to come up with a music video that can hopefully resonate with so many people.” – Ellysse Mason