Elliston's See You Again Emits Hazy Waves Of Pleasure

Elliston’s first single of the year, See You Again is a smooth track with melodic hooks. It emits hazy waves of pleasure via melancholic R&B with shimmering synths and bruised vocals.

See You Again is a relatable song about the perils of modern dating. You’re really into someone at the beginning then it soon drifts away and you’re not sure of your feelings leaving the other party hurt, embarrassed, and confused, “It was fine before I met you, now I’m seeing everything brand new“.

See You Again captures a slice of modern life in an atmospheric way. It manages to sound wounded and euphoric and the Toronto-based singer-songwriter uses his distinctive falsetto to capture listeners. Elliston sure knows his way around contemporary R&B and we’re not sure when his next release will be but we hope to See You Again soon.