David Lyn releases Can’t Breathe, a thought-provoking song about injustices present in society today. It encapsulates the emotions prevalent with the Black Lives Matter campaign, highlighting the recent George Floyd incident in Minneapolis.

David represents a just cause every individual regardless of race or creed should support. He does well on Can’t Breathe, maintaining the gravity of the situation, without sacrificing his art. David weaves fluidly heartfelt lyrics on mellow jazz-influenced instrumentals. He narrates an all too familiar situation with people of black origin in the United States.

Can’t Breathe is a short song, running slightly over two minutes, but that is more than enough time for David Lyn to get his message across loud and clear.

I was upset and I needed to get things off my chest through my music – this HAS to stop! There’s no more room in this world for racism!” – David Lyn