Danny Kuttner Releases The Captivating Song Travelling From Debut EP Purple

by Lucy Lerner

2nd April, 2023

Danny Kuttner Releases The Captivating Song Travelling From Debut EP Purple

Danny Kuttner‘s debut EP Purple is a captivating blend of contemporary jazz, and neo-soul, with a refreshing hybrid sound design that is both laid-back and electrifying. The standout track on this EP is undoubtedly Travelling, a smooth and soulful song that showcases Kuttner’s vocal prowess and her team’s impressive musical skills.

The track opens with a mellow guitar riff, which is soon joined by Kuttner’s smooth and soulful vocals. Her voice is like a warm hug, comforting and inviting. The instrumentation is organic and relaxed, but there’s a left-field electronic production element that adds a unique edge to the sound. The blend of organic tones and electronic production is seamless and adds an extra layer of intrigue to the track.

The track has a dreamy quality, and the instrumentals evoke a sense of wandering and exploration, fitting perfectly with the theme of the song. Kuttner’s vocals are infectious, and the melodies are memorable, making the track an earworm that stays with you long after it ends.

The EP is self-produced, and Kuttner has enlisted the help of a close-knit team of well-known Israeli contemporary music artists, including drummer Roy Reemy and multi-instrumentalist Yuli Shafriri. The collaboration has resulted in a cohesive sound that feels like a collective effort, and each artist’s contribution adds something special to the mix.

Purple is out now.

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