Coventry’s Grime Maestro Skatta Drops Shutdown

by Lucy Lerner

2th April, 2020

“They ain’t ready for the wordplay”

For a dose of reality look no further than Coventry’s grime maestro, Skattaand his latest track Shutdown. Featuring an ominous beat, razor-sharp flow and cheeky lyrics Skatta captures the listeners attention with his observations on life as well as real experiences.

They call me Mr Kipling
Yeah, I’m getting that cake
True this life is a movie
And everything is on tape

Produced by DJ K-Dubz, Shutdown is taken from Skatta’s new EP Fight Night Flows and the music video was shot at a local boxing gym.

I stepped in the ring with some heavy punchlines highlighting what my journey is all about – working hard, keeping it real and most importantly making good music. I also talk about my life and actually going through stuff that I talk about in my lyrics”. – Skatta

It’s clear Skatta is not just highly talented but super ambitious.

“tricks up my sleeve like Merlin
Gotta keep earning”

They say write what you know and Skatta is doing that with effortless style and then some.

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