With its Caribbean temperatures and paint splattered feel-good vibe, the Wembley Color Run on July 8th provided the perfect stage (both literally and metaphorically) for Trinidadian Kalpee to showcase himself as an artist.

Scheduled as a guest performer, we headed down to run, get seriously messy, and check Kalpee out – and we were not disappointed. He opened with his debut single ‘No One’ a track that, since its release last May, has amassed over 12 million streams. With its weighty percussion section and sentiment of vulnerability, it opened the gig perfectly and showcased Kalpee’s vocals strength and control.

He then sang a captivating cover of Rudimental’s ‘These Days’, an artist who is coincidentally managed by the same management as Kalpee. He was able to stay true to the vibe of the song whilst imbuing it with his characteristically smooth and soulful tones.

Kalpee then closed his performance with a high energy rendition of his track ‘Colourful’. With its message of inclusivity and diversity, this was the perfect song to sing at The Color Run (an event that champions these ideals). The track, with its strong synth presence and hybrid rhythm section, enthralled the audience and cemented Kalpee’s Rising Star status.

So what is next for this young Trinidadian artist? Well with new music already on the horizon and the suggestion of more live performances in the not-to-distant-future, it looks as though Kalpee is about to get very very busy…