Cloudy June Releases The Infectious Love The Way It Hurts

by Marcus Adetola

21st April, 2021

Cloudy June channels the feeling of unrequited love on the single, Love the Way It Hurts. She shines a light on the self-destructive nature of an obsession. As good as the instrumentals are on this track, the songwriting and singing stand out. On the music video, Cloudy June connects to the audience emotionally with her delivery.

Cloudy June could release an acoustic version of Love the Way It Hurts, and it would still sound great. Her sound is infectious and relatable, further adding to her repertoire.

“Love the Way It Hurts is about being obsessed with a person, who messes with your head. It’s like you’re using somebody else to hurt yourself and this way you’re becoming addicted to them”

Cloudy June has delivered yet again with her latest release.

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