Premiere: Cloudy June Explores The Monsters In Her Mind With Electro-Pop Brilliance

by Lucy Lerner

5th February, 2021

Cloudy June is known for her candid storytelling coated with a glossy electro-pop brilliance and new single Monsters in my Mind is no different. With a seriously catchy vibe, the moody single coaxes those dark thoughts in the back of your mind. Exploring themes of anxiety and mental illness, the song lingers with its biting lyrics and memorable melody. “I ran away to hell and back / I’m feeling like a maniac / They hunt me down”. It’s an intoxicating cocktail of layers and an interesting direction for Cloudy June although she is always inspired by the more darker themes.

Cloudy June explains her new single in an exclusive quote, “When we wrote ‘Monsters in my Mind’ I just started to get my head free from anxious and negative thoughts that I had been struggling with the past months. I took a step aside and saw what was actually going on in my mind. And I watched my own thoughts and realized that they were kinda like little monsters creeping up in my head. And we brought that idea to life in the song.”

Monsters in my Mind highlights themes in our current music wellness series. Cloudy June is a unique artist and a beacon of light for relaying honest, relatable subject matter. Don’t we all have monsters in our mind?

Monsters in my Mind is out now on all streaming platforms.

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