Cloudy June Releases The Infectious Goodbye To Honeymoon

by Terry Guy

2nd December, 2020

Throwing us back to Rita Ora’s 2012 album Ora with her fusion of pop rock and R&B production, Cloudy June, an edgy, pop-star-in-the making has just dropped her follow-up single to Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts, entitled Goodbye To Honeymoon. The track’s memorable hook is performed alongside June’s smooth, radio-ready vocals. There is a filtered and reverb-effected, catchy, electric guitar riff and, as a result of this perfect combo, June’s melancholic tone and the “gothic” undertone of the guitar effortlessly become one.

After embracing Goodbye To Honeymoon’s minor chord structure, delivered via deep-bass synths, and deep lyrics describing the experience of a volatile relationship, it is no surprise that this hot, new singer used to be the lead singer of a death metal band.

We are so intrigued to hear more from Cloudy June, especially since our minds have been taken over by the infectious chorus of her new single Goodbye To Honeymoon.

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