Cloudy June Drops Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts

Berlin singer-songwriter Cloudy June releases Pretty Pills For Broken Hearts which blends vulnerability with catchy electro-pop. As an ex-member of a death metal band, Cloudy June has taken a rather different direction but it suits her. The new single takes a conversational tone as Cloudy June sings to someone called Alice, “hello Alice, how you been? Haven’t heard from you in ages“, it sounds like she has been through a bad time like Cloudy June is going through now, “I’m sinking further down the rabbit hole, like you have been before, the mix of potions make me lose control, but make me heal the soul.

Pretty Pills For Broken Hearts takes an interesting tone as it mixes upbeat with moody. Cloudy June’s vocals float in soft waves over gentle guitar plucks leading to pop aesthetics. Overall it is a thoughtful track with many ideas and ambiguities. Along with a catchy melody and ending rather abruptly, it certainly lingers in the lisetener’s mind long after it has finished.

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