Vivii‘Savant’ is the new EP brought to you by Swedish electro-pop trio, Vivii, consisting of four relaxing and uplifting tracks, making it perfect for easy background listening. Ambient synths, mystical guitars, and delicate vocals are woven throughout, proving it to be an electro-pop EP at heart. However, ViVii has cleverly combined this with other chilled, acoustic indie elements as well, shown most clearly through the rhythmic guitar, staccato bass and piano on the fourth track, ‘Siv (You and I)’.

When listening to the EP in full, it’s clear how each song nicely transitions into the next. This is done in such a way that the change between tracks is noticeable and enough to get the listener’s attention, but not so much so to disturb the EP’s mellow flow and coherency. A personal favourite of mine is the third song on the EP, ‘Some Other Time’, simply due to its lighthearted nature; the song talks about trying not to worry about what’s happening in the moment but instead choosing to trust that the future holds something brighter. This inevitably makes for a hopeful and optimistic song, emphasised by the sweeping synths and harmonious vocals.

Alongside the release of the EP is a brand new live studio session from the band performing their title track ‘Savant’; their talent is undeniable as ViVii sound almost identical to their recording studio takes. Of course the depth and details of their music is apparent just by listening to the EP, (demonstrated by the multilayered instrumentation and the smaller intricacies e.g. the chopped vocals sprinkled in ‘Savant’) but visually seeing the band perform provides a new perspective on how much effort and emotion goes into the creation and delivery of celestial sound.

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