Immerse Yourself In The Emotional New Single Body Body (Acoustic) by Victoria Victoria

Fri Nov 06 2020

Immerse yourself in the emotional new single Body Body (Acoustic) by Victoria Victoria. With soaring vocals that flow fluidly interspersed on the piano acoustics evoking intense emotions stifled in a memory from childhood of an intimate nature. Victoria Victoria wrote the original song four years ago during a time when she hated her body so much it […]

Neon Dreams Bring The House Party

Thu Nov 05 2020

Neon Dreams, the rap-pop duo who you should have on your radar, are set to explode onto the screen with their latest single House Party (in advance of their album The Happiness of Tomorrow, coming soon). House Party is an honest and philosophical outlook on life and connection (or lack thereof), explored through the lens […]

Imagination By Juniper Vale Is The Perfect Escapism

Thu Nov 05 2020

Juniper Vale’s new single Imagination is the perfect escapism from the turmoils of the world. Crystalline vocals and luxurious strings strike a chord with all your emotions. Sarah Jane Wood is the Nashville based musician who encompasses multimedia project, Juniper Vale. The project combines EDM Banjo music with art to form an immersive experience. Imagination […]

Dip Into The Nostalgic Feel Of Crybaby From Emi Wes

Thu Nov 05 2020

Dip into the nostalgic feel of Crybaby from up and comer Emi Wes. With sugary vocals and sweeping strings, Crybaby has a soulful feel which is minimal at first but soon hits the spot with its many layers. Emi’s mournful vocals weave around a dramatic orchestral arrangement and leave you craving more. A pulsing R&B […]

Get A Rocket By Melpo Mene Creates A Euphoric Experience

Thu Nov 05 2020

As soon as you hear the first lyric, “I was on the other side, I will see you again“, you are engulfed in the emotional whirlpool that is Get A Rocket by Melpo Mene. The Swedish indie-pop artist had me at hello with this soaring song filled with luscious layers of shimmering instruments, atmospheric harmonies, […]

Cliff Drive By The Sunshine State Is Packed With Punch And Nostalgia

Thu Nov 05 2020

Cliff Drive by The Sunshine State exudes fun, youth, and freedom – couldn’t we all do with some of that right now? Projecting a beam of golden warmth, Cliff Drive is packed with punch and nostalgia. From the hazy guitars, dreamy vocals, and lush production it feels like basking in the sunshine.  The Sunshine State […]

Long Time Coming By Bruno Lewis Is An Atmospheric Song

Thu Nov 05 2020

Long Time Coming by singer-songwriter, and producer Bruno Lewis is an atmospheric song that transports you sonically to another place altogether. Beautiful string arrangements and passionate piano lay the foundation for expressive vocals and lyrics that resonate during this difficult time. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Bruno Lewis creates stunning music in London. Long Time […]

Find Inner Peace In The Soothing Harmonies Of The Child By Grace Gillespie

Wed Nov 04 2020

Find inner peace in the soothing harmonies of The Child by Grace Gillespie. With ever-changing sounds with gentle vocals from Grace wrapped around tranquil acoustics, you find yourself transported into a dream-like state. The Child has roots in country blues ballad though the delicate instrumentals give it a touch of folk. The longer you listen […]

Interview With AMiR

Tue Nov 03 2020

A million miles away from AMiR’s last single I’m On Fire, which delved into minor-chord structure, dark synth music production, his new single Got It For You throws us back to the classic, pop music territory we all embraced on the singer, songwriter and producer’s debut album All Or Nothing. Like the rest of AMiR’s […]

Drea Releases Stunning Song Indica

Thu Oct 29 2020

Drea’s song Indica is steeped in nostalgia as the rippling piano reminds you of the water. And that was Drea’s intention as she wanted to create a project from memories of childhood summers on the shores of Cape Cod. Drea says of the ocean, “It makes me feel overwhelmingly calm, grounded, and reminds me of […]

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