East Harbor's Exosphere: A New Era of Synth-Indie Fusion

East Harbor’s Exosphere: A New Era of Synth-Indie Fusion

Fri Dec 01 2023

Following their vibrant single NXT2U, which we previously featured as a vivacious blend of nostalgia and modernity, East Harbor returns with Exosphere. This new track continues the band’s exploration into the synthesis of various musical styles, yet it marks a distinct evolution in their sound. Exosphere is a compelling fusion of indie rock energy and […]

Exploring The Emotional Landscape Of Dezabel's Over Again

Exploring The Emotional Landscape Of Dezabel’s Over Again

Thu Nov 30 2023

There’s something about music that just gets under your skin. It’s like it has this magical power to tap into our deepest emotions, setting the scene for our most introspective moments. That’s exactly what Dezabel does with their latest track, Over Again. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, navigating the turbulent […]

Odeal's Bedroom Weather: A Symphony of Intimacy and Soul

Odeal’s Bedroom Weather: A Symphony Of Intimacy And Soul

Thu Nov 30 2023

When the right voice, instrumental arrangement, and lyrics converge, a song transforms from mere sound into an embodiment of emotion. This alchemy is precisely what Odeal achieves with Bedroom Weather, a track from his EP Thoughts I Never Said. Here, Odeal invites the listener into a world woven from the threads of nuanced, soulful R&B. […]

Richard Orofino's Interpretation of All The Umbrellas In London

Richard Orofino’s Interpretation Of All The Umbrellas In London

Tue Nov 28 2023

When an artist decides to cover a song, there’s often a delicate balance between honouring the original and imprinting their own identity. Richard Orofino strikes this balance with remarkable finesse in his rendition of All The Umbrellas In London, a track originally by The Magnetic Fields. Orofino, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer, reimagines this piece not […]

Daniel Trakell's Still - An Unvarnished Echo of Melancholy and Resilience

Daniel Trakell’s Still – An Unvarnished Echo Of Melancholy And Resilience

Fri Nov 24 2023

Daniel Trakell’s latest offering, Still, from his album Into the Blue, released on November 24th, is a raw, unfiltered dive into the depths of emotional turmoil, wrapped in a soundscape that’s as stark as it is stirring. The song begins with an acoustic guitar and each note feels like a step deeper into Trakell’s psyche, […]

Brittney Mendoza's Garden of Eden: A Harmonious Blend of Self-Reflection and Musical Artistry

Brittney Mendoza’s Garden Of Eden: A Harmonious Blend Of Self-Reflection And Musical Artistry

Wed Nov 22 2023

Brittney Mendoza’s Garden of Eden stands out as a distinctive and introspective piece in her musical repertoire. The song, characterised by Mendoza’s soft yet impactful voice, invites listeners into a deeply personal narrative set against a backdrop of carefully crafted instrumentals. Mendoza’s vocal delivery is both gentle and assertive, guiding the listener through the song’s thematic depth. […]

Bryant Barnes' Losing You: A Deep Dive into Heartache

Bryant Barnes’ Losing You: A Deep Dive into Heartache

Wed Nov 22 2023

With Losing You, Bryant Barnes cements his place as a distinctive voice in the alternative R&B genre. This track, emerging in the wake of his debut hit Adore You, showcases a deeper, more introspective side of Barnes, one that delves into the nuanced emotions of a fading relationship. The song greets the listener with a […]

Erin Bloomer's Bye Bye: A Fresh Take On The Breakup Anthem

Erin Bloomer’s Bye Bye: A Fresh Take On The Breakup Anthem

Wed Nov 22 2023

Erin Bloomer’s new track, Bye Bye, hits the airwaves not just as another breakup song but as a refreshing, upbeat take on the age-old theme of love and loss. Ditching the clichés often associated with such narratives, Bloomer brings a unique blend of personal storytelling and vibrant soundscapes to the table. At the heart of […]

being anne's cold bitch - A Vulnerable Journey Through Digital Heartbreak

being anne’s cold bitch – A Vulnerable Journey Through Digital Heartbreak

Mon Nov 20 2023

Being anne’s debut single, cold bitch, is a poignant reflection on modern love, loss, and the struggle to remain authentic in a world that often values emotional detachment – a powerful reminder of the beauty and pain of being unapologetically human. It offers a hauntingly raw narrative that defies the typical tropes of break-up songs. Born […]

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