Aruba Red: I Believe That Story Medicine Is One Of The Most Powerful Healing Tools We All Have Within Our Grasp

Wed Mar 03 2021

Growing up, I dealt with a lot of anxiety. I clearly remember as a young child thinking that people could “hear” my thoughts and this terrified me. I struggled with my emotions, change, confidence and making friends. Aged 9, moving to a new school, my panic attacks got so bad that I was missing more […]

Joe McElderry Finds Positivity During The Pandemic With New Release

Mon Mar 01 2021

Joe McElderry started 2021 with a brand new sound on his release Baby Had Your Fun. Merging Country and Pop, it is a gloriously upbeat track brought to life in the feel-good visuals. Time has flown as it’s already over a decade since the British singer-songwriter won The X-Factor in 2009. Since then he has […]

VISSIA: Music Is The Ultimate Connector

Wed Feb 24 2021

We pulled off the Trans-Canada Highway at Field, a tiny community of 169 people in the Kicking Horse River valley of southeastern British Columbia. It’s the kind of stop you make to get out, stretch your legs and use the restroom before getting back in the car to keep heading west to most likely Vancouver. […]

President Street: Life Can Be Cruel, But It Can Be So Kind And Wonderful

Sat Feb 20 2021

As part of our music wellness series, Australian pop fusion duo President Street shared some of their own experiences of the past year from the other side of the world. Pete:Not being allowed to leave the house, even though I didn’t necessarily want to, was really debilitating. I will never again take our freedom of […]

Allegra: Writing Music During Lockdown Kept Me Sane

Sat Feb 20 2021

When I was first approached to speak to Neon Music regarding the Music Wellness program, I was immediately overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to speak about. The last year or so has been incredibly difficult for everyone all over the world and, personally, it’s been music that has helped me through. Listening to […]

Lockdown 3.0 Summed Up In Music And Solo-Entertainment

Wed Feb 17 2021

This is a list of some of the activities I’ve been enjoying solo, and the music I’ve been playing on repeat to keep my spirits high and my mood-swings low.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve become so much more of a recluse during this lockdown. I don’t want to speak to friends, family, […]

Adding Normality To Your Lockdown Days

Mon Feb 15 2021

By now I’m sure we’ve all heard enough of that word ‘lockdown’, as unfortunately over this last year, it’s one that has been spoken on repeat. We’re constantly reminded by our surroundings that we’re living through a peculiar time, whether it’s brought up again during the discussion at dinner, spoken about during work meetings, the […]

Kat Koan: Music Is My Medicine

Tue Feb 02 2021

I live in Berlin and we’ve just been told that our lockdown will be extended by a few weeks. Even though it was expected, my heart sinks every time the leash gets tightened. I’m tired of this. And I’m broke and I miss my friends and my family, I’m so up and down all the […]

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