‘Lifeline’ is the 7-track debut EP from Ben Wright, released through Sound-Hub Studios. The title track is the first song to introduce you to the album and Ben’s soothing vocals can be heard amongst a distinctive folk sound. The Manchester-based singer-songwriter has released his debut EP with support from Barrington Mole on bass guitar and Dan Williams on drums.

Wright says his travels around the world have influenced his music. “I try to write music in different styles to keep my tracks as fresh as possible,” he also added, when discussing his musical style. The EP also has blues influences.
‘My Hometown’ is a track which is quite upbeat, whereas ‘She’s Leaving Town’ is less upbeat and more of a tearjerker. This song seems to be quite personal to Ben, as he sings about his love leaving him (“boy has no idea what it’s all about”). ‘She’s Leaving Town’ has a more prominent blues presence in comparison to other tracks on the EP. The final track ‘Fight Against the Tide’ also has heartfelt lyrics, in which Wright sings “wash away your pride” and “trust the strength you have inside and fight against the tide.” These are very strong lyrics and they come from a very strong debut album.

Ben Wright has showcased his musical talent with these songs and, if you like folk music (or even if you usually don’t), you’re going to want to give ‘Lifeline’ a listen.

You can stream ‘Lifeline’ here.