Behind The Scenes With Giulia At Her Music Video Shoot

by neonmusic

8th February, 2019

A few months ago I thought I’d be spending the 10th December stressed and tired after pulling an infamous student ‘all-nighter’ to get my coursework finished and handed in by four in the afternoon. Never did I expect I’d be on set with Guiliaas she filmed three music videos for her upcoming album in the space of just two days.

The day began with a trip down to Camberwell Studios for a bright and early start at 8 am, where I met Guilia and we quickly dashed outside for a catch-up whilst I photographed a series of portraits – never underestimate the power of a good metal or brick wall…

But on set, time is always of the essence (especially when we had almost two entire videos worth of footage to shoot) – so from brick walls we travelled all the way to outer space.

Beginning the day with a high-speed spaceship chase for the video accompanying ‘Trippin Out’, was certainly a high octane start to the day.

Hailing from Italy, Guilia’s infectious energy had me speaking entire sentences in Italian by the end of the day. Before we knew it the first scene was done and we were racing to the dressing room to get ready for look number two. Quiet chatter filled the dressing room which was a welcome reprieve from the bustle of the studio, and the brief moment of calm was appreciated by all.

Running across the hallway to avoid being late, we were back in the studio and ready for round two.

The heat and commotion of the studio space between shots made Giulia’s composed and collected performance seem even more impressive. Whether that’s because she grew up in one of the hottest countries in Europe, or just because of her talents as a singer and performer, is a question that might never have an answer…

Photos by Sophie McCarthy

What followed next was by far one of my favourite looks of the day. Guilia and performer Ruby Lonsdale both donned flecks of UV paint that created the most breathtaking visuals when they were stood under the UV lights, and Before we knew it, the camera was rolling for a third time already.

The two remaining videos will be used for unreleased songs, from her upcoming album, set to be released in 2019.

Full of refreshing lyrics, this next album is all about having the self-confidence and belief that you’re capable of making strong decisions for yourself, even when self-doubt might come creeping up on you. A message that I could certainly learn from…

Photos by Sophie McCarthy

Shortly after UV paint had been wiped away and any trace of the magical looks gone, the entire studios announced the greatly anticipated lunch break. I mean who wouldn’t welcome a PRET delivery for lunch right? But I took this as the perfect (or only) opportunity I’d have with Guilia to have a proper chat.

I then set about editing photos from the morning before Guilia’s last outfit change.

As I returned to the dressing room I was greeted by the talented Graham Cruz & Andreas Chrysostomou hand making a dress from swathes of gorgeous material, ready for when Guilia would be suspended as she flew through space.

Even just rigging Guilia up took its fair share of time. But when the crew had finally managed to successfully line up camera angles and make sure the ‘wind’ made her dress flow in just the right way, we were finally, after a long day, in the home straight.

Having spent years as a child climbing I know first-hand how painful harnesses can be but like a real trouper Guilia gritted her teeth and just got on with the job at hand.

The entire day was amazing and all of us here at NEON loved it. We all can’t wait to see the final result of the videos and what this next era holds for her. If you like what you’ve seen so far then the audio for ‘Trippin Out’ can be found below to tide you over until Guilia drops new material…

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