Behind The Scenes Of Allegra’s New Music Video ‘All About Us’

by neonmusic

15th March, 2019

Riding high after the success of her breakout single ‘All About Us’, young talent Allegra now returns with an exclusive backstage video shot on the set of her brand new music video. With its bubblegum pink aesthetic and urban settings, the video is a treat for the eyes and the ears…

Written by Allegra herself (a rarity for an artist as young as she is), the track celebrates commitment and dedication. “It’s all about us, it’s all about you and me” sings Allegra in her sugary sweet tones, and in a moment sums up the sentiments of this heartfelt anthem. The track encourages us to look at our own relationships and realise that, whilst they aren’t always easy, the genuine connections we make with other people are always worth fighting for.

You can expect a song that is uplifting and full of positive energy” said Allegra when she was asked to describe her new single. “When we were recording in the studio I kept wanting to just start dancing because of its addictive beat and hook line”.

Allegra already has plans for new music, hinting that she is already working on writing and producing new material, so check out her exclusive Backstage Video below, and stay tuned to see what this firecracker of an artist gets up to next…

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