Ballad Sets The Mood With Sultry Single Read Your Mind

by Lucy Lerner

10th June, 2021

Ballad sets the mood with his sultry new single Read Your Mind. A bruised soundscape and twinkling electronic flourishes are the perfect base for caramel vocals that drip with nostalgia. Read Your Mind is a siren’s call for traditional R&B lovers. It encapsulates the beauty of the genre and more. Angolan artist Ballad has created a standout track that is reminiscent of Prince and Maxwell, but with his own fresh spin.

“I was afraid that the person I loved may not have loved me back. Maybe they saw our whole relationship as just a mistake. What if the person I loved couldn’t stand me? They weren’t ever very forthcoming with their feelings, and it’s not like I could read their mind. That’s what inspired me to write this song. Writing this song was really vulnerable for me, but that’s also what I love about it. I hope that it can connect with as many people as possible and give them space to just feel, as I did.” – Ballad

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