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Float On A Summer Breeze With Delicate By Ella Jet

Thu Jun 17 2021

Float on a summer breeze with Delicate, the new single from Ella Jet. The original is simply gorgeous but the acoustic version is a shimmering pearl of a song. Ella’s vocal delivery captures your attention with her airy yet directive tones. The melody soars over gentle acoustics, 1980 Hall & Oates style handclaps and a […]

Dreamer Is The Anthemic Song From Running Lights

Thu Jun 17 2021

Dreamer is the anthemic song from Running Lights you need to listen to whenever you’re feeling down. With relatable lyrics, a catchy chorus and dreamy vocals, Dreamer is a must-listen. The new single from the New York-based trio is a melancholic anthem with warm, summery percussion and a catchy chorus. Mike Squillante (guitar/vocals) passionately conveys […]

Seyblu Will Make You Swoon To 26:06

Sun Jun 13 2021

Seyblu will make you swoon to 26:06, a glorious cloud of R&B and jazz that you can just sink into. It encompasses the mellow feeling of spring/summer with the sound of birds in the intro followed by super smooth vocals. 26:06 is about yearning to see your loved one and is particularly relatable as written […]

Don DiestrO Explores Newfound Love In His New Single Trust

Thu Jun 10 2021

Don DiestrO explores newfound love in his new single Trust. The song has a blissful lo-fi feel with aching vocals and relatable lyrics. Smooth instrumentals and woozy harmonies elevate the track to another level and the brief introduction of the female vocalist ties in the narrative of the track, that it’s about a partnership and […]

Ballad Sets The Mood With Sultry Single Read Your Mind

Thu Jun 10 2021

Ballad sets the mood with his sultry new single Read Your Mind. A bruised soundscape and twinkling electronic flourishes are the perfect base for caramel vocals that drip with nostalgia. Read Your Mind is a siren’s call for traditional R&B lovers. It encapsulates the beauty of the genre and more. Angolan artist Ballad has created […]

Lucas DiPasquale Hears The Siren Song On New Release Begging For The Tide

Wed Jun 09 2021

With glistening acoustic chords, a blend of genres and a soaring chorus, Lucas DiPasquale shines on his release Begging For The Tide. When writing the song he envisioned his love as a “warm wave of ocean water” and the textures of the song and lyrics certainly carries those thoughts. DiPasquale’s dreamy vocals remind you of […]

Sophia Bella Cucci Releases Bitter Sweet Single Lemons

Wed Jun 02 2021

Singer-songwriter Sophia Bella Cucci recently released her bitter sweet single Lemons. Gentle acoustics are layered over delicate harmonies and sweeping strings. Sophia’s vocals flutter and soar and lyrics cut a sharp tang. It’s quite a simple song, but all the qualities shine through and the song like its namesake refreshes you and its taste lingers […]

Valley Sixteen Releases Stunning Debut EP Apartment Flaws

Wed Jun 02 2021

Valley Sixteen is the new bedroom pop star you need to have on your radar. She has recently dropped her debut EP Apartment Flaws that perfectly captures the heart and soul of a young woman going through the trials and tribulations of life. The 5 track EP has an overall melancholy feel and what stands […]

Philip Jonathan Releases His Heartfelt Debut Seafront

Tue May 25 2021

Philip Jonathan has released his highly-accomplished debut Seafront. Even without seeing the accompanying visuals, the song takes you to a stormy beach, wind whipping your hair and the sharp tang of sea salt on your lips. Acoustics capture a bruised sky and Philip’s raw and emotive vocals soar bird-like as percussions explode over a rolling […]

The Shadowboxers Shine On New Single Melody

Tue May 25 2021

Drift into the pillowy Melody by American soul-pop trio The Shadowboxers. Steeped in nostalgia with glorious harmonies and a feather-light backdrop, the band’s latest single truly delivers. Starting their music career as a backing band for the Indigo Girls to working and touring alongside Justin Timberlake most recently, The group shows off their singing-songwriting prowess […]

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