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Premiere: Interview With Redd As She Releases New Single Heavyweight

Fri Dec 04 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been one hell of a shit storm. However, every cloud has a silver lining and so much incredible music has been born during a time people would rather forget. One of our 2020 artist discovery highlights, Redd, is back with her heavy dose of nostalgia and […]

Premiere: Drunk On December By The Ella Sisters

Thu Dec 03 2020

This year has been a tumultuous one due to the catastrophic effects of the ongoing pandemic. Particularly with the enforced global lockdown that makes an already complicated world even more complex. Now it’s December (the supposedly joyous season) to reflect on the year and celebrate our achievements. However, this December is a whirlwind of emotions […]

Honeymoon Phase Is A Sentimental Song From OSKA and Stu Larsen

Sat Nov 28 2020

Nothing beats a sentimental duet and OSKA and Stu Larsen have captured pure love and beauty in new single Honeymoon Phase. Vienna-based singer-songwriter OSKA and nomadic singer-songwriter Stu Larsen got together in Vienna to make not just one stunning song but two.  OSKA described the collaboration, “A lot can happen in only one day. Stu Larsen […]

Liam O’ Brien Lets Go Of The Past In Higher Than Our Hopes

Fri Nov 27 2020

Singer-songwriter Liam O’ Brien has released the music video for his acoustic pop track Higher Than Our Hopes. The track is filled with soaring harmonies and mellifluous melodies contained in an airy soundscape. Although there are melancholic themes the song is somehow uplifting. The slick visuals shot on an Alexa Mini reflect the emotion as […]

Langi Has Bottled Summer In Saucy Bredda

Thu Nov 26 2020

Langi’s new single Saucy Bredda is one of those feel-good songs we need in our lives right now. Reminding you of sun-slicked lazy days, and fun-filled nights Langi has bottled summer, happiness, and confidence in Saucy Bredda. “We created “Saucy Bredda” in the heart of Manhattan, New York during the summer. We wanted to create […]

Premiere: LIKE TYE Launches Their Sultry Debut Be That Man

Thu Nov 26 2020

LIKE TYE launches their sultry debut single Be That Man which takes us back to the ’00s but with the duo’s fresh spin. The R&B pair layer creamy vocals and a nimble flow over a luxurious blanket of rippling piano, toe-tapping percussion and a smooth late-night R&B beat. It is a well-crafted song with a strong introduction and […]

Arms Of Who Is An Emotive Song From Bayuk & Andreas Vey

Wed Nov 25 2020

Arms Of Who captures from the first note. Bayuk and Andreas Vey’s beautiful vocals compliment each other as they sing about their partner being with someone else after a break-up. The atmospheric soundscape, various textures and layers of instrumentals and harmonies weave a mesmerising tapestry. I wonder where you brush your teethand who is warming […]

Big Love and Little Hollywood Thrill With New Single Enchanté

Wed Nov 25 2020

Nice to meet you Big Love and Little Hollywood. The singer-songwriter duo thrills with the simply addictive song Enchanté. With its fusion of styles, there is something for everyone and you can get lost in their striking harmonies for hours. Enchanté starts slowly and stripped back but gradually builds to a finger-clicking folk-pop song with […]

Interview With IfeFinch – The Journey So Far

Mon Nov 23 2020

IfeFinch is back with his hybrid of sounds on his new EP Lauded. His music engages listeners with infectious melodies, diverse beats and a gliding flow. He covers every detail of his work from writing, performing, producing, mixing, engineering as well as the artwork. His latest project is notably darker than previous releases so we […]

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