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Deep Dark Sleep Is A Tender Song From Melanie MacLaren

Tue May 10 2022

Melanie MacLaren‘s debut EP Kill My Time is full of atmospheric and deeply layered songs. The final single release of the 4-track EP comes in the form of Deep Dark Sleep which is a tender and rather mesmerizing piece. Finger-picked guitar fills the space between haunting vocals and a spacious soundscape with a slightly dark […]

Zoe Watson Releases The Mesmerizing Dust

Mon May 09 2022

“Whether your plans go accordingly or not, the world is still out there and it’s still marvellous.” Drift on a river of emotion with Zoé Watson‘s song Dust. The genre-bending song twists and turns and the somewhat edgy melody juxtaposes the meaning of the song which is how beautiful the world is. Zoé discusses the […]

Feel-Good Vibes From Attih Soul With Friendzone

Mon May 09 2022

Attih Soul drops his uplifting, catchy track Friendzone taken from his debut studio album Shades of Emotions. The Barcelona-based Nigerian singer’s smokey, soulful vocals sing about an up and coming artist who falls for a girl who his friends advise him is out of his league. Sadly for him, he is firmly in the friendzone […]

Premiere: Novaa Drops The Introspective I Would Be Rich

Thu May 05 2022

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Novaa drops her addictive new single I Would Be Rich. Taken from her forthcoming album She’s A Star set for release on May 27th, I Would Be Rich is a song filled with shimmering layers and edgy electronic textures. Honest lyrics and gossamer light vocals float over a sing-song, lullaby-like style melody. The […]

Sade Fox Finds Joy In The Little Things With Pompeii

Sat Apr 30 2022

Sink into the warm embrace of a song that is Pompeii by New York artist Sade Fox. A sweet melody ribbons through a spacious soundscape, tender acoustics and poignant lyrics, “Pompeii wasn’t built in a day, but ashes cover it that way”. The song slowly builds into a euphoric climax which satisfies the senses and […]

Oscar Stembridge Releases The Personal Single Am I The Only One

Tue Apr 12 2022

You would think raw and honest songs come from a wealth of experience, but 14-year-old Oscar Stembridge writes from the heart with themes we can all relate to. His recent single Am I The Only One, is an intimate and heartfelt song about feeling excluded, unique and alone. Oscar wrote the song with Swedish artists […]

Golden Rope Is A Tender Release From Bulgarian Cartrader

Tue Apr 12 2022

Golden Rope is one of those uplifting songs filled with warmth, tender acoustics, a catchy melody and a slinky flow. Considering this is only Bulgarian Cartrader‘s second single, it is very impressive. The visuals are inspired by Bulgarian Cartrader’s childhood where a group of school kids gathered around the young artist who had to spend […]

Not This Time Is A Catchy Debut From Singer-Songwriter Ben Ellis

Tue Apr 12 2022

19-year-old Cardiff native Ben Ellis has released his debut single not this time. Short and sweet it begins with stripped back acoustics and soulful vocals but soon builds to passionate, rock-tinged instrumentals and an anthemic chorus that you will find hard not to get out of your head. “I wrote ‘not this time’ about people […]

Skylar Grey Releases The Haunting Falling Apart

Sat Apr 09 2022

Sink into the mesmerising Falling Apart by the one and only Skylar Grey. The American singer-songwriter and record producer is gearing up to release her first album in 6 years on April 28th. Falling Apart is a short and bittersweet tale of looking back at your life and what could have been, “I used to […]

Eli Gosling Drops The Intimate Track Sunsets and Watermelons

Sat Apr 02 2022

Eli Gosling‘s latest release Sunsets and Watermelons is a more stripped back and dreamy affair than previous tracks. Raw vocals soar over sharp guitar lines amping up the emotion. Sunsets and Watermelons is one of those songs which would sound great live as it is so intimate with many layers which reveal themselves the more […]

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