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‘Zero Won’ Is An Energetic & Expressive Dosage Of Prog Metal From LestWeForget

Thu Jan 10 2019

LestWeForget is a progressive metal band from Oxford. The four-piece consists of vocalist JH Norris, guitarists Harry Lingard- Bright & Paul Heavey with percussionist Dec Doran completing the line-up. The quintet’s debut “Sweet Serenity” recently gained critical acclaim, especially from BBC Introducing’s Dave Gilyeat. They have slowly built a strong fanbase since appearing in front […]

Grunge Punk Duo Dolls Releases ‘Pop The Bubble EP’

Mon Sep 24 2018

Dolls is a fresh of breath air on the current music scene. They write vibrant tracks with a touch of quirkiness to their lyrical content. ‘Pink Bones’ is the first song the two-piece garage rockers (Vocalist Jade and Drummer Bel) wrote together. It is from the duo’s EP ‘Pop The Bubble’, via Mondo/Death Waltz; which […]

Glossii Releases Their Edgy Debut Single ‘Headache’

Wed Aug 01 2018

Glossii is a four-piece rock/post-punk band formed in South London in early 2017 by Charlie Lock and Guitarist Lewis Smith, along with vocalist Sofia Zanghirella and drummer Reuben Rost. Glossii has been compared to bands such as Wolf Alice and Garbage with hints of Blondie. They have been hailed as “unforgettable” by thnksfrthvw. And now […]

Slothrust Releases New Single ‘Peach’ From Their Forthcoming Album

Mon Jul 09 2018

Slothrust is a Los Angeles -based Grunge Rock act fronted by the dynamic Singer/ Guitarist Leah Wellbaum who is joined by Drummer Will Gorin and Bassist Kyle Bann. They recently announced the release of their forthcoming album ‘The Pact’ via Dangerbird Records and ‘Peach’ is the first track off the album. Slothrust is a band […]

An Exuberant Bundle Of Rock From Callow Saints With ‘Unhinged’

Tue Jun 19 2018

Callow Saints is a Five-Piece Indie/Rock band from Aylesbury. They are currently developing a following on the back of two sold-out EP Launch shows, including headlining the O2 arena in Oxford. This female–fronted group have released their latest EP ‘Unhinged’, an exuberant bundle of high octane rock and powerful vocals. ‘I Should Run’ is a good […]

A Surprise Duet From Bad Wolves and Diamante With ‘Hear Me Now’

Mon Apr 30 2018

‘Hear Me Now’, a new track from Bad Wolves ft. Diamante recently surprised fans. The track sees frontman Tommy Vext join Diamante to deliver this awe-inspiring partnership of lung-busting vocalists. Vext explains “It is undeniable what Diamante brought to the song as a final touch,” “In retrospect, it always felt like ‘Hear Me Now’ was […]

Linda Vogel Releases Her Mysterious New Single ‘Isis & Osiris’.

Tue Apr 24 2018

Swiss experimental–pop artist harpist Linda Vogel returns with her new single ‘Isis and Osiris’ from her debut EP ‘On’, Which has been receiving critical-acclaim in Switzerland since it’s release in February. Zurich-born Vogel learned to play the harp at age 6, before going on to study classical music and recruiting Drummer/Percussionist Vincent Glanzmann. She is […]

Top 5 Rock Songs Of 2017

Fri Dec 29 2017

2017 was another great year for rock with the return of some old favourites, and some new ones, whilst the genre showed it certainly is not dead with bands that helped reignite the fire. Rock itself conveys many different images to the average music fan, but the list I’ve compiled certainly doesn’t ascertain that particular […]

Matty Carter + Ariel Fight The Good Fight With ‘Ready To Die’

Sun Nov 05 2017

Matty Carter + Ariel are two enigmatic stars ready to take on the world with their brand of fiery and antagonistic dosage of electronic rock. They say their music is “for the underdog and the working class“, This is so telling with their new single ‘Ready To Die’. The NY duo is fresh off the […]

Why We Need Potentiam In The Music Industry

Sat Sep 16 2017

The music industry is currently in need of a fresh injection, and a much-needed overhaul. The industry currently takes 86% of artist’s takings. Music creatives often find themselves ignored by Media conglomerates, lacking that exposure and funding to help propel the avenue to gain them recognition for their art. The music industry is in need […]

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