Andreas Vey Releases The Introspective Strangers

by Lucy Lerner

28th March, 2021

Andreas Vey releases his personal new single Strangers. A candid portrayal of the shallow relationships we enter to escape loneliness, “Sometimes it’s strange how we use each other, just to feel better about ourselves”. Vey balances tender with introspective and of course his distinctive soaring vocals to create a memorable song. 

and I’ll never let you closer 
cause I’m terrified of love 
we’re together but we’re lonely 
cause we never speak our hearts

The simplistic visuals of a girl in her bed feeling a range of emotions lets Vey’s lyrics and vocals shine. The song varies from stripped back and melancholy and soon builds to an emotional release.

“We often manipulate each other in order to feel better about ourselves. Try to see us in the eyes of others in love. The song tells of this exact state, in which I needed the affection, love, the body of another person to endure myself, so as not to be alone with myself. I needed the dopamine high of passion to feel better without really being interested in the other person. I acted like that and was treated the same way at the same time and asked myself: Why? Does it make me happy? Is it a free choice of me to act like this or am I just desperately trying to exaggerate the inner emptiness? It kept me busy so I wrote Strangers.” – Andreas Vey

Strangers is the first single from Andreas Vey’s forthcoming EP scheduled for release via Humming Records later this year.

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