Andreas Vey Finds Solace In The One

by Marcus Adetola

13th April, 2020

Andreas Vey finds solace in The One, a dreamy ballad that streams with effervescent emotions. It takes us on a melancholic journey of solace as Andreas Vey sings his verses with unparalleled excellence on the delicate piano keys.

The lyrics insight degrees of uncertainty and longing, while Andreas’s vocals instill hope with every crescendo reached. The One paraphrases that the most beautiful waterfalls only happen in the steepest places in our lives.
Andreas wrote his debut single at an emotionally difficult period in his life.

I decided to write a song that starts right at the heart of the city on Potsdamer Platz and creates a little parallel universe. Like a little, dreamy movie that makes you escape all the madness for a moment and float away…It’s a song about loss and longing yet about hope and solace at the same time.” – Andreas Vey

Andreas possesses an innate ability to transfer emotions explicitly. And, he does so with charm on The One.

Andreas will release three more singles, followed by an EP this winter, as well as a solo gig at Reeperbahn Festival 2020 with more engagements yet to be confirmed.

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