An Authentic & Successful Rendition Of A Janet Jackson Classic

by Lucy Lerner

7th March, 2017

New artist Kris Køllins has taken a classic Janet Jackson song ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’ which you think couldn’t be improved upon, but dare we say, he has taken it not just to another level, but another dimension entirely. Kris Køllins, a Washington DC-based singer-songwriter, and producer, has cultivated a fresh piece of work for the new generation. And then some. ‘That Janet Joint’ has a distinct R&B feel but is impregnated with a fresh electronic sound whilst keeping the intense sensuality the original track is known for.

Kris says about his provocative remix, “I chose this record to honor one of the most influential artists ‘Janet Jackson’, and two of the most groundbreaking producers that have heavily impacted my creative endeavors. ‘Janet’ is an album that is filled with eccentricities and raw emotion, explored sexuality, and pushed so many boundaries. It’s a small thank you.

Wow, what a tribute to Janet Jackson and what a track. We look forward to hearing what this exciting new artist delivers next.

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