Adam FrenchAs soon as the haunting lonesome guitar begins on ‘Weightless,’ the first track of Adam French’s new album it is apparent this is the beginning of something special.

Adam French has done a masterful job of capturing a story. A story of eerie contemplation told using magnificent instrumentation and glorious production. Everything is kept to a bare minimum, but this works to the album’s advantage. Stunning vocals take the listener on a journey, of blissful backdrops and solitary locations, made even more clear with the way each song is constructed. Desolate sounding drums echo in the back of the mix, adding greater dynamics to the tracks, as tenderly played pianos resound amongst the vocals. As the album progresses, it becomes clear this is a story of loss, and of yearning. And of winning someone back. This is a somewhat universal topic. Something everyone has at some time or other felt. And if you haven’t, well, lucky you. His choice to tell these personal stories is rather brave, and he is deserving of the accolades he has recently been receiving.
Adam has done a phenomenal job with the vocal work on this album. His distinct voice truly sounds amazing, full of character and passion.

‘My Addiction’ follows, and the continuation of fantastic songwriting continues. Adam’s voice is a powerhouse on this track and manages to convey a mass of emotion amongst the vocal harmonies and angelic piano work. This track is an emotional one, with some haunting lyrics conveying a strong message.

As soon as the guitar opens on the next track, you instantly sense a certain amount of realisation and acceptance. ‘The Only Living Thing’ is a more uplifting song in comparison to the previous offerings, while somehow also managing to be very melancholic in nature.

‘Coco’ is up next, and this track has a latin feel to it, with a pleasingly plucked guitar offering an upbeat melody. The chorus can get repetitive, however, and gets lost in comparison to the preceding tracks.

The most recent single follows next, and this is a truly brilliant song. ‘Keep It Together,’ is a more affirming track, and is a huge contrast in comparison to the likes of ‘My Addiction’ and ‘Weightless.’
Recently on Instagram, Adam explained the track. “It’s a self-help song… you’ve just got to persevere. It’s a song about keeping it together through moments of difficulty and hardship, and of not giving in.

A previously released track is up next, though completely redone. ‘More To Life,’ is an amazing song, full of pounding drums and masterfully played guitars entwined throughout the mix. The bass is also much more apparent than in previous tracks and is an offering I can see being played in clubs around the UK. It is certainly hugely danceable.
‘You From The Rest’ is up next. This has a memorable chorus, interesting solemn verses, and beautiful musicianship. It is a constantly evolving track full of shifting melodies and time signatures throughout. One of the best on the album, and a powerhouse of a track.

‘The Rat’ is a dark and haunting song, simple, with a masterfully plucked guitar and delicate eerie strings providing a backdrop of tender sadness. This track does a fantastic job of being both memorable and familiar. One of my personal favourites.

‘Ivory’ follows, and possibly showcases the brilliance of Adam’s vocal ability more than any other track on this album. It is a brilliant song full of twists and unexpected moments and sudden time signature changes. This track does an excellent job of proving how powerful a musician Adam truly is. Mesmerising in every possible way, and deserving of some serious airplay.

Things slow down with the next track, ‘Incompatible.’ This is a breathtaking song, exquisitely haunting and full of agony and regret. The title of the track gives away what this track is about, and it is another universal circumstance many will have been in at some point in their lives. This track portrays the emotions of the situation with realism and is a devastatingly impressive offering.

The album closer, ‘Punchbag Love,’ is a beautiful piano-driven track, full of pain, and heartbreak. It is a fitting track to close the album, coming full circle with the first track.

I was genuinely astonished by the quality of songwriting on display here and is evident Adam French will have a bright career ahead of him. This album deserves to be heard.

26.3 – MANCHESTER – Band on The Wall
28.3 – BRIGHTON – Green Door Store
29.3 – NOTTINGHAM – Beta (Rock City)
3.4 – GLASGOW – The Garage (Attic Bar)
5.4 – DUBLIN – The Sound House

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